Hope Closet

  We believe some of the greatest needs are right in our local community. We clothe and assist those in our community through a new avenue called  "Hope Closet".  Hope closet is designed for families and folks of all ages.  It has new and gently used clothes that are given at no cost to those who utilize the closet.  We are always looking for volunteers to sort and distribute clothing. This is a great way to get involved or a fantastic way to economically clothe your loved ones. Hope Closet opens the first Saturday of every month from 10am-1pm.   


Hands of Hope

We are in the process of building a strong partnership with Hands of Hope.  We believe in providing for those who are hungry.  Throughout the year, we purchase memberships for and direct people to Hands of Hope as an easy and affordable way to stop the injustice of hunger. 

Hands of Hope of Illinois is a Community Assistance Program striving to assist in God’s business of caring for his children. Their main objective is to share the gospel through the giving of food.  At Hands of Hope of Illinois they live and experience the Gospel every single day. Through networking with local businesses and other food ministries we are able to provide food, clothing, household goods, medical supplies and building materials to those in need. For more information check out Hands of Hope

Love Moves Us

Love Moves Us is one of our strategic partners geared to help foster & adoptive families flourish. This organization is designed to breathe life and love into foster and adoptive families through service and support. Their hope is to: Move Families to Flourish.  Move Children to Connect.  Move People to Love.  Love Moves Us also equips communities, churches, agencies & individuals to better respond to the needs of foster & adoptive children & families by providing support groups with childcare, parents' night out events, training, & service projects.  You can learn more and donate by going to LoveMoves.US   

Our next Love Moves Us Project is February 14 at 6pm.  We will be hosting and offering fostered and adoptive families a "Date Night Out".  We'll need volunteers for nursery care, games, arts and crafts, music, snacks, etc.  Click the link below and "get involved".   

RESTORE-- We believe  a natural response to our relationship with God is an outpouring and willingness to serve, give and love our community, the poor, and those less fortunate. As a missional church, we want to care, clothe, and feed. Currently, we partner with three local and strategic organizations who care for the orphan (Love Moves Us), clothe those in need (Hope Closet), and fills hungry tummies (Hands of Hope).  

Global Mission

We have beautiful partnerships with overseas communities in Costa Rica. Frequently we send mission minded people to the fields where we teach, build, learn, love and reach the lost.   We would love for you to join us in our effort to serve the world.   

In 2019 our global efforts take us to the city of Poas.  We will be building a local park that will become a central point for the community.  Accommodations and nature of the trip make this a  perfect opportunity for families.  The trips details will be available shortly.