One to One

If you are new, the greatest question we all face is, "Where do I start?"  One to One is a mentor partnership guiding you through your first initial steps of your faith.  For eight weeks, your coach will walk you through some basic studies and address some of your deepest questions.  The good news?  It's just the two of you.  No stuffy classes or feelings of inadequacy.  One to One is where you begin your journey.  

Community Groups

One of core values is invest. The greatest way you can invest is getting in a group. We believe formation of every believer is essential.  At times, our greatest connection to Christ is only as deep as our connection to others in Christ.  Community Groups are a way in which we seek and grow with God, but also with others.  Throughout the week, community groups are hosted in homes where we eat together, share together, learn together and pray together.  Connect with Christ and connect with others--life is better connected.  


Baptism is going public with your faith in Jesus.  It is an outward expression of an inward change.  It communicates your commitment to Christ, but also, our commitment to you.  Our community (the church)  is responsible for nurturing and guiding you in this newfound relationship with Jesus.  Baptism is what happens after we decide to follow Jesus (salvation) for the first time. 



The best way for you to grow in your faith is getting involved.  Even if you still have questions or don't consider yourself a Christians, serving is also a great start. At JF, two of our greatest  are restore and send

We believe in restoring our community by serving our community. You can learn more about  serving outside the walls by visiting our Restore page

Everything we do requires people who feel sent to serve others. There are multiple ways you can serve our various ministries or get involved.  Whether it's working with students, greeting newcomers,  leading a community group, or serving on our JF worship team, sent leaders prepared to serve make all the difference.  

While serving may require something from you, we are convinced it will do something to you. 


Giving changes lives. When you give financially, you're not just supporting a local church--you're supporting a local community and people around the world.  Giving not only changes others lives but yours as well.  Here is the chance to make your initial investment.  After giving for 90 days, if you don't feel like your investment made a difference or changed your life in some way, we'll return every penny.    

Covenant Member

Becoming a member at JF is not like joining a country club. There are no special perks or great deals. Covenant membership is simply about entering into a committed relationship with the JF Church community.  Introducing you to our mission, values and history is essential to understanding why we do what we do.  We ask everyone interested in baptism or membership to go through our course designed to help you understand who we are. 


Remember the last time you experienced something amazing?  What's the first thing you did?  You told everyone!   It's time to tell a friend, family member, or co-worker.  We are a church that welcomes messes and the unchurched.  When we look at stories and  lives changed by Jesus in the bible, often the first thing they did was tell others.  This news is just too good to keep inside. It's time to invite!