What time does your service begin?  

Our service begins at 10am but we recommend arriving fifteen minutes early so we can get to know you, show you around, and hand  you a delicious cup of coffee before we start.  

Where are you located?

1009 S. Briggs St. 

Joliet, IL 60433

We're next to the fire department on the right hand side driving south from I80.

What should I wear? 

Come as comfortable as you'd like. Our pastor never dresses up :-)  

What about my kids?

As soon as you walk through the door, we'll check in your kids and a host will walk your family to our JF Kids space.  Your kids will spend the next hour engaging in games, singing adrenaline pumping songs, and will have a hands on learning experience.  They won't be disappointed. Want to know more?

What if I have an infant and need to feed? 

We have newly renovated space for you and your little one to get the nourishment and rest they need. If you'd prefer to stay in and enjoy the service, we're ok with that as well.   

What kind of church are you? 

Our hope is connecting with people who don't know Jesus.  It's not stuffy.  It's not traditional. Messages are relevant to everyday life.  Wherever you're coming from...we want you here. 

What is with the name "Nazarene"? 

Our history begins in the heart of L.A. When many churches were fleeing the city because of problems, homeless people, alcohol and addiction issues, we decided to be present and find the good in those where others argued no good could be found.  Someone once asked, "Can anything good come from Nazareth?"  This was Jesus' hometown. This was a reference to Jesus himself.  We took on the name (Nazarene) because we believe there's something good in everyone, even when others can't see it. There's a redemptive part in everyones story. 

Tell me more about your beliefs.

This should help...

Do you have anything else besides a weekly gathering? 

Yes.  JF Kids and JF Students meet every Wednesday starting at 6:30.  We also believe everyone should run in circles (community groups).  We have groups meeting  weekly for dinner and discussion about life and what we've learned in our recent talk.  We think groups will move you forward in your faith faster.  Check out our upcoming events for more information.