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Sunday Schedule

Leader/Volunteer Family Worship:  8:30 am

Community Worship: 10:00 am

JF Kids Worship: 10:00 am

Wednesday Fall Schedule

JF Students - 2nd & 4th Wednesdays: 7-9 pm

JF Kids - KID UNIVERSITY - Begins September 12th)

To register: /kids-u-registration

FPU (Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University):  6:15-7:45 pm

(Runs concurrent with KID U)

To register: /fpu-financial-peace

Throughout The Week

Community Groups (Beginning September 9th)

Sign up here to join a fall group: /about-us/connect


We believe formation of every believer is essential at JF.  At times, our greatest connection to Christ is only as deep as our connection to others in Christ.  Community Groups are a way in which we seek and grow with God, but also with others.  Throughout the week, community groups are hosted in homes where we eat together, share together, learn together and pray together.  Connect with Christ and connect with others--life is better connected.  


At JF, kids are one of our top priorities.  We don't refer to kids as the "future of the church" but the church now!  It's not uncommon on a Sunday morning to see JF kids leading in worship, scripture reading, music and prayers.  Our goal is to seek out children, invest in their lives and in the lives of their families, restore them to a right relationship with God, and send them into the world where they learn to serve their neighbor.  JF Kids are involved in the life of the church in many ways: Sunday School, Sunday morning worship, 24/7 Kids Church, Bible Quizzing, Kid's University on Wednesday Night and more. Welcome to JF Kids--we are the church now.  


Welcome to JF Student Ministries.  Our students are learning and leading the way in living out hope.  We believe it is essential for students to experience genuine hope in their lives in the midst of teenage struggles. Part of our mission at JF Student ministries is teaching our students to be an image and example of hope to family, friends, the church and the community in which they live everyday life.  Our students are actively engaged in carrying out the JF mission.  Students are regularly involved serving our church and neighbors.  Throughout the week our students serve on media teams, music ministry teams and outreach projects.  Our students spiritual formation takes place on Sunday morning during worship, community groups throughout the week and  other various other activities.  We look forward to your student joining us!  


At JF we believe the best church is a sent church.  We believe God is at work in places and in lives where many are unwilling to go. It is our hope to reach the unreached, be instruments of God's peace, and strive for justice where injustice prevails.  We believe God's story of hope, love and restoration is for all people.  We are committed to becoming expressions of hope and love to our immediate community and around the world.  Check out how you can get involved by visiting our Restore page